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Home for Homeless

One of the basic needs of man is shelter. PMSSS has duly taken note of it and evolved a scheme in 1990 providing home for the Homeless. This program was later registered as a people’s organization in 1994 with a new name “Thirukudumba Housing Development Society.(THDS)

Activities of the Society
  • homeBuild low cost houses for the homeless
  • Provide low cost house technology
  • Educate people on health and hygiene
  • Inculcate the habit of saving in the minds of the rural people
  • Enable them to construct their own houses in the long run by their own savings
  • Facilitate the poor farmers to get housing loan benefits from the Government and Banks.
  • So far, PMSSS and THDS have constructed 284 houses for the agricultural labourers. The THDS has 320 members under its fold.


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