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Christmas Day Celebration

PMSSS, celebrated Suppose Christmas on 22.12.2018 at PMSSS hall and the function was Presided by Rev. Fr. J.M. Gregory Louis Joseph, Procurator , Archdiocese of Pondicherry and Cuddalore, felicitated by Rev. Fr. C. Joseph Arumaiselvam - Executive Director, PMSSS , Fr. Allwyn Anbarasu, Principal of Kolping Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Mrs. Bridget Selvaraj - Admin cum Finance Manager, PMSSS and all the Project Managers, Staff of PMSSS and Kolping School students and Teachers were participated in this programme. The Kolping School students and Child Fund Project students given a wonderful dance performance for the Christmas songs. Santa Claus distributed chocolates to the children and given Christmas messages.


The SHGs facilitated by PMSSS in Kurinjipadi Union and Bhuvanagiri Union celebrated the SAMATHUVA PONGAL (Harvest Festival of all People) at the Parish community hall in Vadalur where members from different religion, caste, community, Person with Disabilities and Children from Children Parliament participated. In this festival program the Executive Director Rev. Fr. C. Joseph Arumaiselvam gave head note about the Harvest festival, shared some new information existing in the worldwide on the festival, felicitated the crowed and appreciated them to have such an activity with the all sort of people. The Vadalur parish priest Rev. Fr. M. Lourdu Jayaseelan and Finance cum Admin Officer Mrs. Bridget gave felicitation and said that this Celebration gives happy like the milk overflows from the Pongal Pot and the same happiness to be continued with togetherness and regular gatherings. The New Thrust Program (NTP) manager Mr. S. Selvaraj shared the importance of this Harvest Festival and remembered the years how these SHGs have grown up towards sustainability. The Kurinjipadi Union leader Mrs. Arockia Arul Selvi welcomed the invitees and gave vote of thanks to all the participants. The members from both the unions prepared the Sweet Pongal, the Director blessed it and it was shared with everyone and they ate happily.

Orientation Meeting on Bio- Toilets and Organic Farming Organized by Mr. Anthonisamy, Director, BLESS and IAG Convenor, Cuddalore.

On 30.1.2019 Manu Neethi Arakkatalai and MAK India Limited conducted a one day training on Bio-Toilets and Organic Farming at Manu Neethi Arakatalai,Semakotai, Panruti. PMSSS Admin cum Finance Manager Mrs. Bridget Selvaraj and staff were participated in that meeting. The meeting was led by Mr. Radhakrishnan, Coordinator of Manu Neethi Arakatalai , Mrs. Bridget Selvaraj- Admin Cum Finance Manager, PMSSS, Pondicherry, Mr. Anthony Samy- Director , BLESS and Mrs. Janani, MAK India Limited, Coimbatore. A committee has been formed to followup and to print the brochures and booklets to issue the experiences and other models. Mr. Anthonisamy, Bless, Rev. Fr. C. Joseph Arumaiselvam, Executive Director, PMSSS, Mrs. Bridget, PMSSS, Mr. Radhakrishnan, Manu Neethi, and 3 experts will be in the committee. Finally there was a press meet and shared the experience and further proceedings of this meeting.

Merits of Bio- Toilets:
  • In the oldest manner, we have a 30% reservation in the tank
  • Workers do not need help to maintain or clean this. This is an automated tool
  • 99% of the Methene smell from the Bio-toilet system is reduced.
Merits of Organic Farming:
  • Organic Farming reduces non-renewable energy use by decreasing agrochemical needs.
  • Organic farms save energy and protect the environment. More animals and plants can live in the same place in a natural way.


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