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World Environment Day – 2018, “Beat Plastic Pollution”

PMSSS and the CBOs from Kurinjipadi and Bhuvanagiri Union Federations jointly celebrated World Environment Day on 9th June 2018 at Vadalur Parish Hall. The theme for this year is “Beat Plastic Pollution” and about 300 women and Person with Disabilities actively participated in this memorable event. The chief guests gave special messages and created awareness to stop using non recyclable plastics in our daily lives and keep the environment clean and away from pollution. Tree plants were distributed to the participants to encourage them to grow more number of tree plants wherever possible. UN is making an effort to urge governments, industries, communities and people to unite in the fight against plastic and explore alternatives that are sustainable.

Rev.Fr. C. Joseph Arumaiselvam, Executive Director, PMSSS, Puducherry, said that we are living in the country of garbage; we don’t keep the house and surrounding clean and make the environment polluted. This situation has to change among us. There are number of countries, even the under developed countries where the people are keeping the places clean and tidy. We should not sell our vote, it is our right to elect the right persons to care for us and we must refuse to accept goods given freely. He insisted that the women can change the world, “Beat Plastic Pollution” to happen this change; we must keep the house, the surroundings and the roads clean and should not throw the plastic wastes unnecessarily and stop using the non recyclable plastics.

The vegetable waste can be converted as natural fertilizer for the plants, said Dr. M.P. Rajasekaran, Environmental Advisor, Chennai. He added that the non recyclable plastics are thrown everywhere which pollutes the environment and reduces the ground water level. People should use the cloth bags for caring goods and Government has special scheme for producing the cloth bags. The Vetiver (Vetti Veer) is shrub which is planted to clean the garbage and drainage. It can be planted in our surroundings and keep the places clean. This Vetiver can be distributed to the people for nominal price which will help to reduce the pollution in the environment.

World Environment Day Chief Guests:

  • Dr.M.P. Rajasekaran, Environmental Advisor, Chennai.9
  • Rev.Fr. C. Joseph Arumaiselvam, Executive Director, PMSSS, Puducherry
  • Mr.K. Balasubramaniyan, Executive Officer, Vadalur Municipality.
  • Mr. Theivasigamani, Agriculture Department, Kurinjipadi.
  • Rev.Fr. M. Lourdu Jayaseelan, Parish Priest and St.John’s School Correspondent, Vadalur.
  • Mrs. A. Annie Rose, Project Officer, TASOSS, Trichy.
  • Mrs. S. Bridget, Finance cum Admin Officer, PMSSS, Puducherry.
  • Mr. S. Selvaraj, Women in Development Department Manager, PMSSS, Puducherry.

Purpose of the commemoration:

  • It is celebrated to make aware of the common public about the environmental issues and the plastic pollution existing now.
  • Encourage common people from different society and communities to actively participate in the celebration as well as become active agents in developing environmental safety measures.
  • Let everyone know that the community people are very essential to inhibit negative changes towards the environmental issues.
  • Encourage people to make their nearby surroundings safe and clean to enjoy pollution free and more prosperous future.


World Environment Day World Environment Day


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